Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

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Tolerance for risk is a key consideration in determining your probable level of comfort with varying investing choices.

Less than 2525-4545-5555-6060+

Capital AppreciationRegular IncomeCapital Appreciation and Regular IncomeIf any other specific goal please specify

< 1 lacs1-3 lacs3-5 lacs> 5 lacs

Less than one year1 year to 3 yearsMore than 3 years

5. Short term Risk Attitudes

I don't mind if I lose moneyI can tolerate a lossI'd have a hard time tolerating any lossI need to see at least a little return

Who cares? One calendar quarter means nothing.I wouldn't worry about losses in that time frameIf I suffered a loss of greater than 10%, I'd get concernedI can only tolerate small short-term lossesI'd have a hard time accepting any losses

< 3 lac3-5 lac5-10 lac10-15 lac10-15 lac

7. What is your sources of Income?


RoyaltiesRentalDividendOthers Specify

Private sectorPublic sectorGovt sectorBusinessProfessionalAgriculturalRetiredHousewifeStudentAny other please specify

NoneBetween 1-33+

do not have< 1 month income1-3 months income3-6 months income> 6 months income"

Below 10 lac10-20 lac20-30 lac30-50 lac>50 lac

<3 lacs<3 lacs5-10 lacs> 10 lacs

13. Please list your major financial obligations and planned expenditures.

NoneLess than 20%20% - 30%30% - 50%> 50%

< 1 years1-3 years>3 years

CommodityStockDerivatives StocksNone of the above

ExtensiveModerateVery lessNo experience

ExtensiveModerateVery lessNo experience

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